01_Did you know?

   That overall, New York City   
   provides 468 different subway   
That more than 500,000 people traveling through Penn Station each day? Thats only a tenth of
the average weekday ridership though.
   That Madison Avenue, the
   advertising strip back in the
   1920s, is a landmark of the
   fourth U.S. president James
That the black community around
the U.S. have their own dating site called blackpeoplemeet.com
   That CHASE, one of the biggest    American banking brand, got its    name form the former chief
   justice Salmon P. Chase?
That the famous Waldorf-Astoria-Hotel is named after John Jacob
, a German immigrant who
moved to New York from
Walldorf / Heidelberg?

   That the second newspaper in    New York City was founded in
   the early 18th century by Peter    Zenger, a German-born

That the name of Manhattan is adopted form the natives who called their island "Mannahatta," the "land of many hills?"
   That the drug store "Duane    Reade" got its name from the
   street corner on Reade Street    and Duane Street where the    
   first store was located?
That the New York Hudson River is named after its English explorer Henry Hudson?
   That DUMBO, the short cut for    another NYC district, means    "Down Under the Manhattan    Bridge Overpass?"
That NYC got its official nickname "big apple" from the famous horse-racing scene in the 1920s?
   That the fast food restaurant    "Subways" is selling "Black Forest    Ham" in its NYC restaurants?
That the designer of Brooklyn Bridge was a German engineer?
   That a single piece of mozzarella    chees is up to $10 in a typical    grocery?
That there is no distinction in New Yorker liqour stores between Germany and Alsace?
  That the employees of cafes
  especially in New York City
  must wash hands before
  restart working?
That usually an airbrush tanning
in Manhattan is much more
than $55?
  That SoHo (a district in lower   Manhattan) is a short cut for
  "South of Houston?"
That most of the apartments in Manhatten are so tiny that the tenants store their bulky stuff in mini storages arround the city?
  That NYPD has a huge trike   division?
That TriBeCa (a neighborhood in the financial district) is an acronym for "Triangle below Canal Street?"

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