03_Scenes of NYC

#1 – The Wanderers

A flick about the youth gang “The Wanderers” and their fights against other New Yorker gangs. The movie, based on a novel by Richard Price, tells all about the New Yorker gang life during the 1960s.
It shows the story of teenagers from different countries growing up in the suburbs of New York. In its through line the movie deals with distinguish problems of the youngsters such as the good and bad points of brotherhood, discovering their sexuality and racial tensions ‘cause of the different family backgrounds. “The Wanderers”, directed by Philip Kaufman in 1979 gained cult status over the last 30 years. Price’s book is based on a true story.

Learn more about the different gangs, their habits and style.

The Wanderers – film intro

The intro of the film displays a big department store called “Alexander’s.” The building is still there. Today it bears the name P.C. Richards, a shop for different kind of electronic stuff. But overall the place looks very similar, doesn’t it?

Visit the original location // Watch the trailer // Buy the film

Visit the location on google maps:
2501 Grand Concourse @Fordham Road, Bronx, Ne
w York

The Wanderers – official trailer from 1979

Buy the film as DVD on amazon.com


4 Responses to 03_Scenes of NYC

  1. Thomas Escher is a true yankee! Thanks for the english post and keep it up. You definitely have a knack for solid writing and putting together a good show.

    • newyankee says:

      Adam, great compliment, thx. True Yankee sounds amazing. Maybe I’ll write a book once titled: “How the NEW Yankee became a TRUE Yankee – Insights of an American discovery.” What do you think? I’ll call up my Random House agent later in the day. 😉

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