New York: Best City to live in

According to the online service, New York City is the world’s most livable town. In the current ranking, Fun City beats out such respected European cities as London and Madrid.

The survey was based on seven different criteria: Weather, Cost of Living, Professional Life, Dating, Night and Day on the Town and Fresh Air Factor. New York got its best reviews for “Night and Day on the Town.” Both factors are mainly relating to its cultural possibilities and the amazing culinary variety. Its lowest rating was for the weather. The annual average temperature is only 55 degrees which is even better than the best ranked German City. The average temperature in Berlin is still 6 degrees less.

Overall, the German capital accomplished only the 17th position. It’s slightly awkward why Berlin remains the only German city in the ranking. Maybe askmen’s editor’s office hasn’t even heard about the “German hot spot of the moment.” That’s what the New York Times named Munich back in 2008. The newspaper honored Munich for its resurrection as European hot spot and the plenty of possibilities to spend your leisure time. Remember Monocle’s 2007 survey about the world’s livable places? The magazine came up with a report of 20 cities where Munich got the crown as well.

As a Southern German patriot I have to take up the cudgels for Munich, though I’m aware of the problems to compare cities like Munich and New York. It’s really hard to say which one is the better choice. Mostly it depends on different circumstances and at least the expectation you’ll have. Askmen’s crucial point was basically to show up livable towns for single men. And with a single ratio of 60 percent, New York is certainly one of the cities you’d prefer.


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