What a bargain


I lately wrote a short piece about beer with the advise to choose your brands carefully. Today I stumbled across the sequal of this story.

Trader Joe’s is offering a special price for real German wheat beer. Maybe that’s the reason why everybody is drinking the American expression of beer. The imported one is still not affordable. See for yourself!

Zum Schneider – Bavarian Feelings in New York


Is Budweiser really kind of a beer? And what’s about Amstel, Stella and Miller light? For everyone who’s accustomed to drink fresh and dry beer, the American variety of “beer” isn’t satisfying at all. To gulp one of the listed seems more to drink a stale, malt flavored Sprite. Sorry Americans, this probably sounds a little harsh but it is the truth anyhow.

Nevertheless it’s possible to get an authentic kind of beer in town. And that’s the good news for all New Yorker’s who are addicted to tasteful beer: Down in the East Village you’ll find a beer hot spot called “Zum Schneider.” It’s a German owned, little cozy place with a huge choice of German food and beer of course. The owner himself calls his venue beer garden which isn’t quite the right definition in my mind. It’s more a restaurant that offers the possibility to sit outside as well. So don’t take the description literally. If you are looking for a beer garden Germans would define it, you’ll find a nice place outside Manhattan.

Close to the Astoria Boulevard it’s a cute place called “Bohemian Hall.” Although it isn’t a German place it’s the same idea Germans will have when they are talking about cozy places to get tasteful beer. If you don’t like beer but appreciate good jazz music, the Bohemian Hall is also the place to be. They show live performances almost every day and so the surrounding area is an amazing opportunity to blow out your mind.

But let’s get back to the German place quickly: Like the Bohemian Hall, sometimes they offer live music there. So if you are a homesick German guy, looking for familiar humpa sounds and a crisp pork shank you should definitely check out “Zum Schneider.” Don’t have the time for a ride down there? Click the video below and convince yourself that you have to reschedule your calendar immediately.