Don’t digg – just scoop

The New York City Health Department lists more than 20.000 restaurants for the New York City area. So it might be a little exhausting to keep track on every single venue and decide which place is worth it to discover. Thank God there is Dennis Crowley and his folks they guide us through this endless jungle of restaurants, bars and clubs. Unfortunately, only a small group of social media maniacs are involved to this service yet. And, of course, Crowley’s service works only if you know several people in your current town. Without a certain peer group Foursquare isn’t worth a penny. But, and that’s the good news at least for all New Yorkers, there is another recommendation service the New York Times takes care of. It’s kind of a suggestion list from New York Times editors regarding bars, events and other night life possibilities around New York. So if you are a lonesome stranger in Fun City and you really need a suggestion where you can take your next date, just give this iphone application a try:  “The Scoop” tells you seriously where the places are to hang out. It gives you at least the possibility to pretend to be a local restaurant maven.


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