Everyone has its lane

Charlie Todd and his guys from Improv Everywhere are always very creative when it comes to the point of surprise. If you’ve never seen their performance in the little grocery store in Queens I really suggest to take a glimpse at it. And if you are getting hungry now to see more, certainly the “I love lunch” musical will nourish you as well.

In their latest shot, Charlie and his team pulled the fast one on unaware New Yorker pedestrians. They just split the sidewalk down on 22nd Street in two different lanes. One lane for real New Yorker residents and one for – right, for the thousands and thousands of tourists in town.

And, as you can see in the video above, it worked out. Lots of local TV-Station’s reported the event. And for a couple of days people were not sure if it’s a joke or the mayors decision at long last. Because many New Yorkers would actually appreciate it to have different lanes. Why? Because they are tired to bump into sightseer’s on every other corner. And quite frankly, meanwhile I understand them.



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