Those Americans


Everything needs a remote. Or event better: Everything needs a wifi connection either to the iphone or blackberry to use them as a remote as well. That’s at least the American point of view. Because these are the gadgets anybody toys around with. And I’m ok with that. But I think with the following remote idea the American way of control addiction is getting ridiculous.

The thing is called “bark off” and does exactly what it claims. It puts the bark off. Wow – how comfortable life can be. Do you remember? Yesterday your dog was this annoying and continuously barking animal. But with this brand-new control panel your dog seems to be just like another cable TV channel. If you don’t want to hear the barking anymore – turn it off.

What a great invention. I’ve already ordered 10 bark off’s yet. Maybe when I’m tweaking them a little I could use it also for the huge crowd of the annoying jerks outside there. I’ll keep you in the loop on this. If it works I’m going to develop an iphone app. The name for now: “Shmuck off.”