A free wifi-run or: Run for a free wifi

New York is spearheading everything. That’s what I was told before I moved from Munich – a small little village compared with the east coast melting pot – to New York City. As an internet addicted I was curious to experience how it feels, when you hop form one free wifi-run to the other. Regrettably I have to admit, that this kind of drunk wifi hopping never happened. And the problem isn’t the missing wifi-spots. But New Yorker wifi-owner seems very reserved when it comes to the point of sharing their internet spots though. It’s almost impossible to catch up with an open wifi spot while walking around the city. And I don’t refer to districts outside in the wilderness of Queens or Staten Island. We are talking about Midtown Manhattan, where almost everything seems possible. Except free internet access.

Meanwhile Starbuck’s has changed their requirements for the internet access in their shops. Since July 1st the coffee dictator is offering free spots in any shop. That’s great because as you know, Starbuck is all over the place here. The good news is that Starbucks also plans to offer free access to paid websites such as The Wall Street Journal or the The New York Times. They also want to surprise their customers with free iTunes downloads every once in a while. Yeah, I think that sounds like spearheading again. Nevertheless I have to wait to access Starbucks’ wifi spot until late October. Because that will be the time, when you can use your keyboard without gloves again. #hard-core-air-conditioning-until-the-next-blackout-is-coming-up!


3 Responses to A free wifi-run or: Run for a free wifi

  1. … and finally we’ve already found another little cosy cafe with a free wifi-run, called Orchard House Cafe. It’s located at 1064 First Avenue (between 57th & 58th Street). Nice place, see for yourself!

  2. Adam Kornfield says:

    Completely accurate, outside of Sbux I can barely find any free wifi!

  3. newyankee says:

    Adam – did you already check out the latest speakfashion interview – you’ll like it, I promise!


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