NYC in love with the German Culture

They are all over the place. And it seems that each week a new one is coming up. Beer Gardens are the new fancy thing in most New Yorker’s social live. I’ve already reported about “Zum Schneider” who has been celebrating his 10th anniversary last Thursday. But there are some cute other places which will be worth to check it out.

The New York Times was mentioning some of them in an article lately. There are a few in it that I’ve already checked out. Like the Biergarten at the Standard Hotel. And I agree on this one with the NYT-writer. The Beer Garden doesn’t really fit into the very rough neighborhood of the meatpacking district. But it’s a cozy place anyway. I definitely can’t judge the review of “Loreley” in the NYT-article. But, as far as I was told, the place should be really relaxed. I don’t know if it’s the best interpretation of a traditional German Beer Garden as the article claims it. But I’ll check it out soon and let you know about. So long – Prost!


2 Responses to NYC in love with the German Culture

  1. Alvin says:

    nice article. i would also checkout the biergarten(s) in Hoboken, NJ….just across the river. Americans not only like German products, but the way they socialize as well :=)

  2. newyankee says:

    Mr. A., I’m not allowed to go to NJ because of my pending visa status 😉 But if I’ll find the time sometime soon, I’ll travel all the way across the river and check out this suspicious Biergärten out in the boonies of NJ. Are you in as my personal guide?

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