Stairway to Heaven

You want to be somewhere close to the hatch of heaven?  But you are scared of going skydiving and you don’t have the money for booking a seat at one of Richard Branson’s space shuttles? Ok, the only possibility to solve your desire then is probably waiting for you in the middle of Fun City. And I swear, it’s certainly that exciting as skydiving and regrettably only slightly less expensive as a space shuttle ticket. But it’s breathtaking though.

We are talking about the visit of one of the roof top bars in Manhattan. It’s sometimes a little annoying to get a place there, because it’s sort of an offbeat location and the bouncers are often very snobby. But there are also places where you get a seat very easily. And the view is truly worth the trouble. I experienced the 230 Fifth Ave so far, which got also a reasonable review in an article from the New York Times. It’s kind of funny that the author of the article had the same experience with the security guys. It’s at least good to know that it isn’t only a problem foreigners have to face there.

Oh, and I should probably mention that the visit of a rooftop bar mostly isn’t about delightful cocktails. It’s more about the joy of an outside event.  So try to get drunk from the amazing view rather from the poorly mixed long drinks. And for those of you who want to combine this outside event with a skydiving experience: Maybe you can use your parachute when you leave. But in the sake of God, please pull the cord quickly.


DHOTEL ON RIVINGTON Between Essex and Ludlow Streets, Lower East Side; (212) 475-2600;; cash only.

MAD46 At the Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Avenue at 46th Street; dress code; reservations recommended for large groups: (212) 885-6095;

GRAMERCY PARK HOTEL 2 Lexington Avenue, at 21st Street; reservations recommended: (212) 920-3300;

SALON DE NING Peninsula Hotel, 700 Fifth Avenue, at 55th Street, (212) 903-3097;

TOP OF THE STRAND 33 West 37th Street; (212) 448-1024;

PLUNGE BAR AND LOUNGE Gansevoort Hotel, 18 Ninth Avenue, at 13th Street, meatpacking district; (212) 206-6700;

HUDSON TERRACE 621 West 46th Street; (212) 315-9400;

PRESS At Ink48, 653 11th Avenue, at West 48th Street; (212) 757-0088;

230 FIFTH 230 Fifth Avenue, at 29th Street; (212) 725-4300;

Shelburne Murray Hill, 303 Lexington Ave., at 37th St.
212-481-1999; Tue-Sat, 4:30pm-midnight, weather permitting

More reviews about the countless sky bars in NYC can be found here too:


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