It’s all about the nuance


It’s been a little while since my Toastmaster buddy Adam Kornfield was visiting Zurich for a quick stop over on his journey to South Africa. Matter of fact he flew over there with his friends to see the cup of course. So you might think that they got trapped by one of the widely known tourist traps in South Africa. But you’d fail on this. Because the actual tourist trap they were caught was waiting in down town Zurich. In the form of an ordinary tap water.

To catch up with the video below you have to know that it’s been a standard all over America to get free water if you order a dish somewhere in a restaurant. So escepially in very pricy environments like New Yorks it’s part of the daily grind to sip on some tap water while having dinner or lunch somewhere. And believe me, at least Europeans suffer on this chlorine flavored something and its usual ice cube decoration.

So just lean back and enjoy the video. It’s very funny and explaines the nuances you have to deal with while going abroad. Thx Adam for sharing this piece.


Dieting the American Way


Well, I finally figured out why Americans in average are more obese than Germans. And they are, as those figures make this very clear. More than 30 percent of the local population has to struggle with overweight. And it’s not because they used to eat unhealthy junk food all day long. Not at all. And if you start arguing that the flavored and sugary blends at Starbucks causing obesity I’m going to kill you right away. No, Americans can still afford it to beef up more than Europeans can. Because, as we know, the society here is more creative and that’s the reason why they handle this issue much better than other nationalities do. While the crowd in Europe is constantly thinking about new methods of dieting and is still going to create more efficient schedules for healthier diets Americans have already invented a simple solution for the entire problem. And the very good news is: It’s simple to use, it only costs a couple of bucks and it pays off immediately.

“Perfect Fit Button” is the magical name of the diet we are talking about. It is a segregated sort of spare button that can be used if you’ve eaten until your hips are going to explode your trousers waistband. While Europeans would at least think about a diet or just a new pair of pants, Americans are doing it their way: Buy a magic button, broaden your pants and get a double caramel flavored whipped cream on top of your next Starbucks health treatment. Are you gonna be kiddin’ me?

For those of you who need a how to video about the magic buttons – just click here.