The land of opportunity: Rules


Yep, you are right. When you think of America you think of a country of freedom and less rules in the first place. But when you’ve been living here for a while you find out that people literally begging for rules and role models here. For instance: To feel good at the register of any store Americans need the area in front of the cashier cordoned off. And don’t break the “in line” rule – how dare you. Stay in line, shut up and freeze. I know, it sounds like the most German accuracy you’ve ever encountered. But it isn’t. It’s American live daily.

And it gets even better. I took this picture a couple of days ago in one of the City’s recreation spots close to 5th Ave. First I thought it might be a marketing joke trying to get awareness for an animal shelter or something like that. But it turned out, that it is the bitter truth. So to all of my German countryman: When you are planning ever coming to New York, please notice not to bring more than three of your sidewalk shitting quadruped. Because otherwise you have to look for a Nanny who is waiting outside of the dog run with the rest of the team members of your personal dog sledge.

There might be a chance to go for a stroll with your beloved in one of the fitting rooms at Saks or Bloomingdales. ‘Cause they allow approximately five pieces at a time as far as I remember. But I don’t know if your German shepherd can pretend to be some sort of a European fur coat. But maybe it is worth it to try. ‘Cause creativity rules! Even in the land of ruled opportunities.

Bride with a Beard


I don’t know about you, but I truly like this ad. Because it’s more obvious than you might think. And it is obvious, isn’t it? It’s a great job from a professional agency perspective. I mean we could start arguing if this mustache looks great on her or not. But the more interesting part on this is why only a few American companies breaking the social rules in their advertisement. While it is a common thing in Europe to put on campaigns that really go under the social waist, most American competitors are very polite and respectful. Matter of fact this is the first time I’ve seen such kind of social incorrectness in advertisement. Do you remember Diesel’s last campaign “be stupid?” Amongst others they displayed this tasteful little boob-shooting in the shop window at the Store on Lexington and 59th. After two days the display was still there. But they’d covered the visible boob with a pink label.

Come on, what’s the point. Isn’t it a little narrow-minded to believe that you have to cover boobs in New York City because of social reasons? Do Americans truly think because they beep out the f-word during the Saturday night movie and blur all nude scenes people getting better in a religious sense? I didn’t get it yet, but I’m still working on it. I would be thankful if somebody could enlighten me on this. But until the penny has dropped I’ll recommend my American friends to work on the advertisement beside as sort of a mutual mentality approach. Have a great weekend fellow Yankees.