The Proof – New York City Rental Index


“Where do you live? Oh New York, great. But probably very expensive, isn’t it?” That’s a typical phrase I’m hearing every so often while talking about the current city I live in. And it’s true, it is expensive. But most people don’t realize how expensive it really is. Why? Because talking about cost of living also means talking about relativity. For instance, just a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was visiting from Zurich, Switzerland. And he surprisingly said, “Oh, it isn’t really that pricy I’ve supposed it would be.” Of course it isn’t, coming from Switzerland with a paycheck three times as much as an average New York City salary. But most people who have to make a living with a decent job in town struggle with the tremendous cost of living. As a proof just take a look at the current rental index below. Almost §3.000 for a decent One-Bedroom-Apartment is ridiculously expensive. And it explains very well why New York City is probably the capital of shared apartments.

I’ve never encountered more people, outside of a student community, living with roommates. It’s the only way to deal with the upscale rent at least in Manhattan. Except you are a fellow of Gordon Gekko. A couple of month ago I had the chance to talk to one of these legendary Wall Street bankers. And he told me frankly, that the spooky salaries you sometimes hear of are not part of a conspiracy theory. It’s the truth. Their salaries range actually from 300 to 350 thousand Dollars a year after graduating from a notable business school. But honestly, even for this amount of money: Who wants’ to work in this kind of boring industry. “Where do you live” is probably an important question. But the more important one is “what do you live for”, isn’t it?

Off Broadway


It’s Christmas again. And what happens on Christmas in NYC? Right, the city is getting crammed by lots of Tourists. Mostly Europeans. And what is a typical European going to see once in a boozy Christmas mood? Yep, a Musical. Basically some performance of the Lions King, or the thing with the Phantom. You know. The one featuring an unknown black masked guy. Some very fast forward fellows probably will try to get tickets for the brand new Spiderman Show. A performance which is under hot discussion lately because of its budget deficit and the complicated rehearsals with injured stuntmen. But it’s on now. And the financiers are save since they could get some bankable stars such as Bono of U2, who functions as composer and Julie Taymor, who is directing the entire spider magic. It guarantees surely a mainstream performance. And if you are supposed to belong to the mainstream please feel free to blow your money for one of the mentioned shows.

But if you are the kind of guy who likes to visit more off beat places you should definitely give this show a shot. It’s called Fuerza Bruta and comes originally from South America. It’s a fantastic show that incorporates the audience as well. It’s a mixture of club and theatre experience combined with improvisational acts. The show is certainly nothing to lean back and enjoy the made up Christmas mood. It’s more like carnival in Brazil without being there rather being in a dark basement somewhere close to Union Square. For only $75 it’s even less expensive than watching a guy who claims to be a spider. Actually this reminds me even more of carnival. The kind that takes place in Cologne, Germany.