The Undercity


There is always something underneath something. Which, of course, most people are not interested in because they don’t like to dig through the greasy and muddy surface to unveil the treasure underneath. Fortunately, there are some people left who do care for treasure hunt. And if this treasure hunt takes place in, or more precisely, under New York City it’s even more exciting. So if you’ve been always wondering what’s under the most popular and precious landmarks of NYC you should definitely take a glimpse at Andrew Wonder’s video below.

The documentary starts with a short visit at the abandoned City Hall Subway Station which, by the way, can be visited by taking the 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge Station and not getting out of the car. ‘Cause MTA is using the old station as sort of a roundabout for its trains you’ll have the chance to drive through. But in contradiction to Andrew Wonder and Steve Duncan you won’t be able to literally take a stroll on the platform.

Another thing you’ll probably never experience by yourself is the incredible few from the Williamsbourg Bridge to the skyline of Manhattan. A truly stunning end of this revealing clip. Oh, and if you don’t believe that there’s some community life going on underneath fun city, you should take a deeper look to the mid section of this video. Steve is interviewing some ‘Tunel Residents’ who’ve been living in the underground for nearly 30 years.

It’s not always about what you’ll see in the first place man.