Sold out – Empty shelves are common

I don’t know about you but at least I grew up at a time where empty shelves in grocery stores were long gone. Of course, there were my grand parents who told me about the care packages and the food stamps they’d used after WWII. But that was a long time ago – I supposed. But it seems I was wrong all those years. ‘Cause since I’ve been living in New York I see empty shelves in grocery store regularly. Every other week if you’d like so.

As many other New Yorkers I still take my bi-weekly trips down to 14th street to get some affordable groceries at Trader Joes. You can get some decent stuff there: For instance cheese that’s less then 9 Dollars. Which would be the regular price in many other stores within Manhattan. But you have to have the luck of the draw while stopping by at the American version of ‘Aldi‘. Cause if you are to late you’ll literally face empty shelves. And they are not empty because the service guy’s are lacy to fill them up again. They are sold out. Gone for the day. I took some pix there a little while ago just to convince you completely. Did you get these creepy goes-pumps already?

Maybe this matter of fact leads to the conclusion that to live in a capitalistic society that’s out of control is as bad as to live in one which had to deal with the aftermath of a cruel dictatorship. Just a thought.

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