Good night, sleep tight.

And don’t let the bed bugs bite. That’s a famous local lore in America and the bad news is, it’s quite true. What in Europe is considered to be the result of bad hygiene and usually only something a poor neighborhood has to struggle with is a very common issue in America. At least in metropolitan areas such as New York City where even the affluent snobs on 5th Avenue have to deal with these little freaking bugs. Supposedly it’s because the population in the city is so dense that these tiny creatures can hop from one coat to another in no time and find new homes to conquer the city every day. One tribe of them obviously must have a lingerie fetish since they moved into the Victoria’s Secret store last summer and made themselves at home there. The root of another tribe must go back to California because they decided to spread around the Abercrombie and Fitch store in SoHo while their relatives settled down in beautiful Nike Air shoe-lofts at Nike flagship store in NYC.

So, you see, this bed bug thing is kind of serious in New York. If you are planning on coming to fun city within the next weeks please make sure you download this life saving iPhone App displayed above and teach yourself how to fight against these invisible but militant troupes. The war is on. Sharpen your teeth and get ready to bite back.

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